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SWIFIN association known as Sabah Swiflet House and Bird’s Nest Industry (Persatuan Perusahaan Rumah Burung Layang-Layang dan Sarang Burung, Sabah) established on April 2009 and registered under establishment act 1966 rules of the society 1984.



  • To facilitate liaison among the Swiflet house owners and bird’s nest merchant from all districts of Sabah with the common aim of achieving healthy and proper development of the swiftlet house and bird’s nest business/industry.
  • To promote education, social and welfare activities among the member that is beneficial to the businesses, community, state as well as the country.
  • To foster closer relationship and to act as mediator among the members on issues concerning the swiflet house owners and bird’s nest business.
  • To promote goodwill and unity among the people of the state.
  • To concern and feedback to the government if necessary on government policies and its implementation that are relevant to the business of the members.
  • To concern and feedback to the members on domestics current affairs which affect the business of the members when necessary.
  • To acquire, purchase or lease fixed properties.
  • All moneys and profit accruing to SWIFIN from participation in any business shall be applied solely towards the furtherance, promotion and execution of the object of SWIFIN and no portion thereof shall be paid by way of dividend, bonus or profit to any member of SWIFIN; provided that nothing herein expressed or contained shall prevent the payment in good faith of remuneration or expenses or both to any officer or servant of SWIFIN, or to any member of SWIFIN, or other person or persons for services actually rendered by him or them to SWIFIN.

Registration Certificate (Form 3)


Test Report of Bird’s Nest Sample