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To discuss the recent ban on the carriage and entry of birdnest into China by tourists/travelers

The association had send a representative Mr. Steven Ng to attend  a discussion of the recent ban on the carriage and entry of birdnest into China by tourists or travelers  as follow:

Date : 3 March 2012

Time : 10.30am

Place : The Nomad Sucasa, 222, Jalan Ampang, Kuala Lumpur


Summary Report


Agenda     : To discuss the recent ban on the carriage and entry of birdnest into China by tourists/travelers

Chaired By : PPSB President Dato’ Paduka Beh Heng Seong


Start: 10.45am End: 2.30pm (About 4 hours) Buffet lunch thereafter

This meeting was well attended by committee members from various states, with about 50 representatives, to discuss the Agenda and other matters arised during the meeting

Mr Steven Ng and Ms Justine Ng representing Sabah Swiftlet House & Bird’s Nest Industry Association

Members present had given good respond with a lot of exchanges on ideas and views. Those actively involved in the discussion are President Dato’ Beh, Dato’ Tok (PPSB Terengganu), Dato’ Lee (Pahang), Madam Carole Loh (Penang), Mr Mah (Selangor), JP Chen (Melaka), Dato Lee “Tiger” (Seremban), Mr Ooi (Kelantan), Mr Pang (Johor), Mr Alex Sim (Perak), Dr Wee (Melaka), Mr Khor (Perlis) and many others

Various issues were raised during the meeting:-

The issue on Nitride level had not been resolved yet (Expecting good news from the China authority sometime April to June this year)

The new ban is adding more hardship to birdnest industry, affecting about 60,000 birdhouse owners, by banning carriage and entry into China by tourists and travelers

This meeting is to seek members’ opinion and any course of actions on the issue for short term and long term solutions


Three sub-committees have been formed with the persons in charge (PIC) as follows:

Memorandum to the Ambassador of China (PIC: Mr Pang from Johor)

Objective: To seek understanding and help of the China Ambassador in Malaysia to allow tourists and travelers to bring in one kg of birdnest into China

Mr Pang with his sub-committee members are to prepare a Memorandum by 10/3, while President is to fix up an appointment with the ambassador and Tan Sri Ng Kai Ting (between 12/3 to 18/3) to seek the ambassador’s understanding and help on the problems faced by birdnest industry

All members are encourage to contribute their ideas on drafting of the Memorandum to Mr Pang

Copies will be forwarded to

(1) Malaysia-Chinese Trade Council – Tan Sri Ng Kai Ting

(2) Associated Chinese Chamber of Commerce

(3) Ministry of Tourism – Dr Ng Yen Yen

(4) Prime Minister Department

Presidents from all Associations are invited to attend personally this meet up to show support to the PPSB and the President

New Markets Development (PIC: Mdm Carole Loh from Penang)

Objective: To look into new markets besides China for export of value-added birdnest products as a long term strategy

Mdm Carole with her committee (of which Mr George Ng is one of them) will look into new markets to exploit and to promote birdnest products.

This Sub-Committee will work closely with MITI, Maltrade and other relevant government agencies to promote birdnest to new markets such as Middle East, Taiwan and other countries by creating awareness and needs

Mega Gathering  (PIC: JP Chen from Melaka)

Objective: To unite all those involved in birdnest industry and to appeal to Malaysian government to act fast and render assistance and fullest support to this industry which is facing a major problem now

JP Chen with his committee with discuss and plan for a mega gathering involving all birdnest associations in Malaysia to show unity by staging a peaceful function in an enclosed building to be attended by elective members of all birdnest associations

Security is a primary issue in staging such a big gathering. Mr Mah of Selangor alone will send 500 representatives to the function, proposed to held in Putrajaya

Venue, date and time will be decided by the sub-committee

Other Matters:

President Beh announced that the next AGM will be held on 26/4/2012. It is an election year.

PPSB Perak has informed Ms Justine that they will be holding their AGM something in March and will invite Mr George to attend this function. Invitation card will be sent soon

On behalf I had informed the PPSB secretary that SWIFIN had paid 2011 subscription. Bank-in slip will be forwarded to the office.

The secretariat had given me several MOA forms to be mailed to you, together with the Minutes of last meeting

Mr Ooi will send to all committees information on grant given by National Productivity Centre (NPC) for GMP, HACCP application



Thank you

Reported by: Steven Ng

Dated 5/3/2012